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Chula Vista polygraph

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Chula Vista
lie detector
test guidelines
advise to use
no more than
4 key questions

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A private-party
Chula Vista
lie detector test
is 80% of the
time for infidelity,
and 15% of the
time for theft

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During a Chula Vista
lie detector exam it
helps to answer Yes or
No with the mouth
only (NO nodding
of the head)

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lie detector test in Chula Vista

Chula Vista
polygraph test TIP:
Drink water before
the testing-- if you
are dehydrated,
we can't read the
required moisture
changes at
the fingers

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A lie detector
test in Chula
Vista measures
body changes
at 4 points

Chula Vista lie detector test

Ask for ONE if
it's applicable
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